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Forced labour is all work or service which is exacted from any person under the threat of a penalty and for which the person has not offered himself or herself voluntarily.

Forced labour affects millions of men, women and children around the world and is most frequently found in labour intensive and/or under-regulated industries, such as:
  • Agriculture and fishing
  • Cannabis farms in private properties or commercial and industrial sites
  • Domestic work
  • Construction, mining, quarrying and brick kilns
  • Manufacturing, processing and packaging, from large sweatshops to small sandwich packaging services
  • Prostitution and sexual exploitation
  • Market trading and illegal activities
If you are concerned that somebody you know is being held as a forced labourer, contact...
Signs that somebody has been trafficked into forced labour are:
  • Poor or non-existent safety equipment. Workers do not have suitable clothing or protective wear
  • Workers live in overcrowded private rented accommodation. They may not know the address of where they live or work
  • Minibuses pick workers up at unusual hours of the day and night
  • Bins at the accommodation are full of Fast Food Packaging
  • Workers may seem fearful and poorley integrated into the wider community
  • They have no days off or holiday
  • Employers or someone else is holding their passport and legal documents
  • Workers have limited or no access to earnings or labour contract
  • Excessive wage reduction for tools, food and accommodation
This is Naresh's story

Naresh was offered a position in a reputable restaurant in the UK that offered attractive wages and working conditions.

On arrival in England his employers picked him up, took him to North Yorkshire where his passport, working visa and money were confiscated. Over a four-year period Naresh worked excessive hours, 7 days a week. He was abused verbally and physically and lived in locked accommodation, where he and others were escorted to and from work.

Three of the staff managed to escape and contact the police. As a result a mother (55) and two sons (33 and 30) were convicted and jailed in 2010 for four years.

Naresh, 38, India

Find these boxes

  • Chinatown
  • Euston, Friends House
  • Gillett Square, Dalston
  • Royal Victoria Dock, Britannia Village
  • St Botolph without Bishopsgate Gardens/Opposite Heron Tower
  • St John at Hackney Gardens
  • Upper Street, Islington
  • Waterloo Road
  • Foursquare Logo Westminster Abbey
  • Foursquare Logo Westminster Abbey

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Experiences (12)

  • Author unknown

    Royal Victoria Dock, Britannia Village | 25.05.2014 09:28

    Experience image from "

  • asd

    Westminster Abbey | 22.05.2014 14:43

    Experience image from asd asd

  • Goknur

    Westminster Abbey | 05.09.2012 20:33

    Experience image from Goknur Such an amazing opportunity and experience at the Gift Box in in London. Such a good cause, lovely project and amazing tourists to educate.

  • Joanne Hibbert

    St John at Hackney Gardens | 02.09.2012 23:53

    Experience image from Joanne Hibbert We hosted a GIFT box at the Making a Difference Festival in Newham E13 on 1/9/12 and 2/9/12. We had visitors to the GIFT Box from the festival including the Bishop of Chelmsford and guests. We had periods when lots of people came to find out about the GIFT box and a interested response to Stop the Traffik from local residents in Newham who visited the

  • Dave Winkworth

    Westminster Abbey | 23.08.2012 20:46

    Very interesting to have campaigned with a Gift Box, but hard work at Westminster as a lot of tourists who did not speak English (or not very well). Also people hide behind their mobile phone/iPod/etc to avoid being engaged (as I do when I see someone with a leaflet). I made a resolution to always accept a leaflet in future when I see someone campaigning.

  • John Nielsen / Justice For Youth

    Euston, Friends House | 14.08.2012 17:56

    Experience image from John Nielsen / Justice For Youth Our team worked at St Paul's Cathedral and it was a wonderful time connecting with people from all over the world and sowing seeds of change!

  • Eric Lui

    Westminster Abbey | 11.08.2012 00:34

    It was a great experience volunteering at the box and such a worthy cause campaigning and educating people about the severity of Human Traffiking. Surprised so many people to be ignorant or apathetic about the issue - hence why we need to support initiatives such as UNGIFTbox more!

  • Tony Hamer

    Euston, Friends House | 07.08.2012 21:14

    Experience image from Tony Hamer Exhausted after a week at St Pauls Anna from the USA team

  • Tony Hamer

    Euston, Friends House | 07.08.2012 21:10

    Experience image from Tony Hamer The wonderful St Pauls crew

  • Tony Hamer

    Euston, Friends House | 07.08.2012 21:03

    Experience image from Tony Hamer A fantastic 2 days at St Pauls and a wonderful experience Thanks to all my co-workers Please all stay in touch